Oasis is one church
in multiple locations.

There is a place for you with us.

Who We Are

A Church That Plants Churches

Our mission is to: 

  • Connect people to Jesus and each other
  • Grow to be like Jesus
  • Go to serve others

Core Values: 

  • Pray big and start small. It’s about: Active faith.
  • Disciples Disciple. It's about: Mentoring another.
  • Found people find people. It's about: Missional relationships.
  • Saved people serve people. It's about: Exercising gifts.
  • Sending not just seating. It's about: Measuring success.
  • Express yourself. It's about: Grateful worship.
  • You can't out give God. It’s about: Financial generosity.
  • Talk to each other, not about each other. It's about: Desiring unity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a church that plants churches. Each of our location pastors are active in seeking opportunities to begin new churches and revitalize existing churches. Our goal is to be a community-minded, disciple-making church in multiple locations. We are eager to see a spreading movement of disciple-making church plants.

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